Our Story

Here at My Baby Solutions we aim to provide high quality baby products at affordable prices. We strive to offer great customer service and due to this a high percentage of our customers come back time and time.

When we were expecting our first child we bought everything you could possibly think of and only needed up using about a third of it so we wanted to create an online shop where parents could come and buy the essentials for your new baby. We are starting with the sleeping essentials which we found to be a godsend with our daughter and I truly believe helped her to sleep through the night for very young. We can’t recommend the Zipadee-Zip highly enough. I spent many sleepless nights googling to try and find something that would help our daughter feel secure enough when she outgrow her swaddle. She went from sleeping 12 hours in her swaddle to waking every 2 hours so knew she was done with being swaddled but wouldn’t sleep unswaddled. She hasn’t looked back since being in the zippy.