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The Ultimate Bib is Unique and Versatile

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Product Description

Size: 13 in. x 17 in.
Neck Hole: 8 in.
Cute, precious, and adorable – these are just some of the words that describe your newborn. But as a parent, you know that adorable babies and toddlers can be really messy, especially around food. Of course they can’t help it, but you can help yourself make cleaning up after your little one a lot easier with the use of the bibbitec® Ultimate Bib Baby.

Made in the U.S.A., the Ultimate Bib Baby is composed of a non-toxic, lightweight breathable fabric made from a Polyester and Nylon Blend that is fully Oeko Tex 100 Standard Certified. The bib is machine washable and very durable, yet lightweight and soft. The best baby bib for comfort, it does not make use of any straps, Velcro, or ties, and can be easily slipped on or off via the neck and arm holes.

bibbitec baby bibs like the Ultimate Bib Baby measure 13 inches by 17 inches, providing perfect coverage for the type of messes made by newborns and babies less than 9 months old. You can choose from several baby bib and trim colors, as well as have the option to include embroidering on your Ultimate Bib Baby for an added personal touch.
Easy to Wipe Clean
The Ultimate Bib Baby is designed for your convenience. Instead of using three to five bibs during the course of the day, you can use just one baby bib for as long as an entire week! With just a quick wipe over the messes found on it, you get a clean and quick drying bib ready for use again. Whether it’s baby food, baby formula, water, or anything the baby can get his hands on, you can wipe it off in an instant. Get the best baby bib in the market that never stains or smells, making feeding extremely easy for mom and dad.